Welcome to Let’s Trade Mobile

Cell phone repair centre

Let’s Trade Mobile was established in 2006. Our walk in cell phone repair centre is based in Pretoria, Gauteng. The company has been expanding and has taken on many projects and services for various partners and brands. We strive for solid, trustworthy and ultimately long-lasting relationships by giving quality repair workmanship and knowledgeable support to all our customers.

We are an authorized warranty repair centre for LG mobile phones, Alcatel one touch, TCT mobile, and the new Blackberry Android phones. We also do out of warranty repairs to all other major cell phone brands

We have been working in the mobile phone industry since 1994 and have gathered a wealth of experience over the years.


We will always do our best to assist and our customers are welcome to talk directly with a technician that will be working on the mobile device to make sure that the correct fault is identified and explained.

We offer the following major repair services:

Repair all cell phone devices.

Replace cracked LCDs and touch screen.

LG cell phone warranty repairs.

JCB cell phone warranty repairs.

Blackberry Warranty repairs.

Alcatel and TCT mobile warranty repairs.

Physical damage repairs.

Liquid damage repairs.

Insurance assessments and damage reports (BER letters).

Repair quotations.

Housing replacements.

Software upgrades.

Contacts/data transfers from one phone to another.

Charging problems.

Audio problems.

Network problems.

Cell phone battery and charger sales.

Support with phone setup and training on how to use mobile applications(Apps).

Courier service for pickup and delivery.

Bulk mobile device rework projects.

Major brands supported

LG, Samsung, I Phone, Nokia, HTC, ZTE, Alcatel, JCB, Sony, Sony Ericsson, and all other brands we will try to assist if we can source the spares

We perform both warranty and non-warranty repairs according to agreed service level agreements for manufacturers and service providers

Some of these customers are

Vodacare HQ

Cell C





LG Electronics


Various dealers and end users

Walk-in customers

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